Certifications, Training &

Eldercare/ End-of-Life Care 

Private Practice - Since 2007 


Hospice Hawaii, Physician Community Liaison 

Hospice Maui, Community Outreach Liaison

Presbyterian Medical Services Hospice Santa Fe, NM

Certified in Thanatology - Death, Dying and Bereavement

Association for Death Education and Counseling - Since 2015

My Story

I've witnessed families and individuals give incredible care and found you don't have to be a medical professional to be a caregiver for an aging parent or spouse. The fact that you care about them the most, are taking the time to look at a website such as this, and considering your next steps, makes you most qualified.


And yet, the process and the amount of work involved in caregiving can oftentimes be overwhelming.  You are not expected to have expertise or feel comfortable doing something you've never done before. And there will most likely come a time when getting help and consulting those who have done it will be important.  


I lost my mom as a teenager.  She had end-stage cancer and chose no chemo or radiation therapy. With the guidance of a knowledgeable doctor, our family eventually brought in hospice care, allowing her to die peacefully in our home. Caring for her was one of the most difficult things I've ever done.  And being with her as she took her last breath was also one of the most important things I've ever done. It was a sacred time, as were others' last moments who I have been honored to be with as they transition. It's amazing to see what we, as humans, are capable of.


I began learning as much as possible about aging and the dying process.  It seemed strange to me that we all go through it, but also have a natural aversion to discussing it.  The topic of dying, especially losing someone we love is such a sensitive topic. Even though we know it is a natural part of life, it is not easy. 


Starting with eldercare volunteering, then hospice volunteering, a 16 year long career in massage therapy, end-of-life caregiving, and hospice work, I have become passionate about coaching caregivers, educating about death, embracing those who are approaching their last part of life, and quality end-of-life care.

B.S. in Kinesiology & Exercise Physiology
UT Austin - 2001
Licensed Massage Therapist
Hawaii State License 
National Board Certified 2000-2016
Continuing Education

Palliative Care for Persons Living with Dementia 

Laurel Coleman, MD.   Honolulu, HI                     March 9, 2018

International Death Doula Training, Maui

Makawao, HI                                                     April 25-29, 2018            

The Conversation Project Presentation 

Rev. Rosemary Lloyd.  Honolulu, HI               February 21, 2018 

Queen's Medical Center Pain & Palliative Care Conference

Kaneohe, HI                                                    November 9, 2017

Advance Care Planning 

Dawn Minaai, MD.   Honolulu, HI                             June 23,2017            

Doorway Into Light:  Journey with Death

Haiku, HI                                                      February 1-22, 2016

Frank Ostaseski Seminar, Hospice Maui

Wailuku, HI                                                       January 25, 2015

Hospice Maui Training Program, 35 hr. 2-week Intensive

Wailuku, HI                                                          July 7-19, 2014

Doorway Into Light: Deep Caregiving to the Dying

Makawao, HI                                                           April 13, 2014

Upaya Zen Center: With Eyes Wide Open

Frank Ostaseski & Roshi Joan Halifax 

Santa Fe, NM                                           September 10-12, 2010