Thanatology Services

Complimentary Consultation 

An initial 30-minute phone conversation to talk about your concerns and answer questions as a caregiver of someone who is seriously ill and/or may be dying, with the goal of determining how we may work together. 

Office Consultation

For Maui residents, a counseling/coaching session in my Haiku office.

In-Home Consultation

For Maui residents, I will travel to meet you in the setting where you care for your aging loved one to assess and discuss in detail your concerns, identify any issues, and prioritize and clarify goals of care.

Home Visit Coaching/Counseling Sessions

For Maui residents, continuing to meet in the setting where you care for your aging loved one. These are most effective, with at least part of the session serving as one-on-one time with the main caregiver. 

Phone Coaching Sessions 

For neighbor islands, I offer phone session, facetime, skype, and may also travel.  

For those outside of the state of Hawaii, I offer phone sessions, facetime, or skype. 

Family Meetings 

Facilitating communication among family members is often appropriate in order to move forward with a care plan.  

Legacy Building Activities 

Various activities can be used to build cohesion within families, helping with coping as family members work together remembering shared values, life purposes, and what a person's life has meant. 

Accompanying you on Funeral Home Visits

Visiting a funeral home ahead of time to make arrangements and decisions according to your loved one's wishes, can bring a tremendous amount of relief to everyone involved. I accompany caregivers as an advocate and someone familiar with 'tactics' that sometimes occur in funeral homes.

Holding Vigil 

I serve by sitting vigil with dying individuals, providing a continuous and compassionate presence throughout the final hours.  Similar to a midwife at birth, an end-of-life midwife provides information, skill, experience, and comfort honoring the sacred nature of the dying process as a natural part of the cycle of life.  

Community Referrals

Providing connections to appropriate local resources.