"Laura brought a level of professionalism, compassion, spiritual understanding, and practical knowledge to the whole death and dying process.  She provides a clarity of purpose, a depth of understanding and an un-wavering commitment to support a dignified death.  She is a vital support and wisdom resource. She was always available for both the emotional process and practical realities of end-of-life care for me as daughter, the other caregivers, and the many professional interactions with the hospice team.  She kept vigil with me as we supported my beloved mother through her last days and nights in our home knowing she was being loved and cared for with constant personal & professional support, care and LOVE.  The professional studies that she has done to support her understanding of the needs of a family added to her overall understanding and compassion of what might be needed ahead of time and also what might be required to facilitate in the moment to support a respectful and dignified death. I can whole-hearted recommend Laura as a wonderful addition to any person or group dedicated to providing the absolute best quality end-of-life care.  I am forever grateful for her support, service, and LOVE."    
Elizabeth Ann Sutcliffe
"I cannot say enough of how much Laura expanded the awareness of those of us there helping my mother in her last months.  Laura came into a difficult situation and had an immediately positive impact in several ways.  Death is an expansive experience. Sometimes those who are involved can find it hard to keep a perspective on the day to day reality of its progress and the naturalness of it.  We get lost in the immensity of it.  
Laura brings with her a clarity of being that establishes a flow to the process, a continuity.
She establishes a connection with the people involved in this most intimate and trying occurrence and helps ease worries and soothes troubled hearts and minds.
With her presence I was able to reach a deeper awareness of the natural process of life and therefore relieve some of the stress that comes not with trying to understand death, but with the necessity and reality of continuing to live and the reality of letting go.
Sometimes it is hard for a person set in their ways to accept someone new into their life, especially when they are older and, in addition, losing some of their autonomy and ability to perform basic daily functions.  That my mother was responsive to Laura's presence and attentions was tremendously comforting.  These can be difficult times and Laura has the ease and grace to bring peace and gentleness, love and understanding.  
I am forever deeply thankful for having had Laura join in the experience of my mother's passing.  Rather than death being an abstract concept of loss it became instead an awareness of life and how to better understand the journey we are on."  
Richard Potter                                                                                                             

"While working full time as Hospice Maui Liaison, Laura participated daily in the clinical review of patient care. She would then visit physician offices, bringing news of their patients to doctors and their staff, and bringing back feedback and information that our program could use in giving the best care possible.  Laura's natural affinity to hospice work was clear, and her dedication and knowledge were impressive - she came here with skills and interest, and continued to build upon them.  Her success here was due to her love of caring for those who are dying and their families."   

Greg LaGoy, CEO Hospice Maui

"Laura was privately employed as a full-time, in-home caregiver and coordinator of care for 10 months for my 88 year-old father-in-law, who had terminal liver cancer. She supported family members, served as an advocate for his wishes, and coordinated hiring of other caregivers and 24 hour a day scheduling, as well as working in conjunction with Hospice representatives.  She was extremely caring and compassionate, and with both of us present, witnessed his brave, dignified departure when he died on August 8, 2008.  Our family will be forever grateful for the care, companionship, and comfort that she provided not only to my father-in-law, but to our entire family." 
Horace Calvert