Honoring the Gift of Life and Death
"Laura was an invaluable resource to me through the end of life of my dearest companion. She is compassionate, intuitive, helped me make decisions when my brain was scrambled, and kindly held my hand through it all. Her help and support were instrumental in the hardest time in my life.  I can't recommend her enough." 
Karen Sati Kielas

Skill and expertise to help you identify what's important now.  
Assistance with preparation and getting your affairs in order - the biggest gift you can give yourself and those you love.  
Help with easing anxiety and reducing the likelihood of a last-minute scramble by facilitating important conversations and decisions.

Empowering families and friends to make use of precious
moments together, honoring a life well-lived.
And when the time comes, whether months or years from now, assistance with the last phase of life with respect, love, and skill.
Serving as a consistent and compassionate presence throughout the final hours, while sitting vigil with you and/or your dying loved one.  

Thanatology: death, dying, and bereavement.

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